Outputs & Dissemination

Privacy Impact Assessment

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PRECYSE Newsletter Nr. 2 (527 downloads)
PRECYSE Newsletter Nr. 1 (450 downloads)

Dissemination Material

Poster (695 downloads)
Brochure (650 downloads)

Scientific Publications

PRECYSE: Cyber-attack Detection and Response for Industrial Control Systems (521 downloads)
Architectural Model for Information Security Analysis of Critical Information Infrastructures (417 downloads)
Towards Understanding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks on IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA Networks (418 downloads)
Ethics and Privacy in National Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (405 downloads)
A Survey on Threats and Vulnerabilities in Smart Metering Infrastructures (450 downloads)
Dealing with Advanced Persistent Threats in Smart Grid ICT Networks (393 downloads)
PReSET: A Toolset for the Evaluation of Network Resilience Strategies (515 downloads)
Intrusion Detection System for IEC 60870-5-104 Based SCADA Networks (448 downloads)
Determining Risks from Advanced Multi-step Attacks to Critical Information Infrastructures (396 downloads)
Privacy Handling for Critical Information Infrastructures (358 downloads)
Multiattribute SCADA-Specific Intrusion Detection System for Power Networks (439 downloads)
Ethical Awareness in Security Operations (358 downloads)
A Novel Policy-driven Reversible Anonymisation Scheme for XML-based Services (350 downloads)


Presentation at Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum (495 downloads)
Presentation at 8th ETSI Security Workshop (459 downloads)

Public Deliverables

D7.1 Review of Ethical Principles (381 downloads)
D7.2 Study of EU Legislation Pertinent to Security (404 downloads)